Overtraining is a huge problem in today's sports which results in unnecessary injuries and burnout.  Although the above article is not centered around youth athletes it starts to paint a picture of the problem within athletics that we are constantly battling.  Club teams are largely to blame for this problem with our youth.  For instance, many hours of practice are REQUIRED for these kids to complete each week with demanding competition schedules that require traveling and/or several competitions in one weekend.  On top of that, strength and conditioning specialists feel the need to get their time in with these athletes and OH....yeah, that school bit is important too, not to mention any social events or school functions the athlete may want to participate in. Let's also combine that with how these kids are supposed to ma...

Many clients see me in the clinic dry needling and comment “I did not know that you did acupuncture here.”  I always have to correct them and tell them that I am not an acupuncturist but a physical therapist and I do Trigger Point Dry Needling (TPDN).  This then sparks the conversation of what is the difference between acupuncture and TPDN.  In light of the recent lawsuit by the acupuncture board against the Colorado Board of Physical Therapy, trying to revoke the ability for PT’s to be able to perform TPDN, I felt this is a good topic of this month’s blog.

What is Trigger Point Dry Needling (TPDN)?

To best answer this I need to describe what an actual trigger point (TP) is.  This is an irritable spot within the muscle that is either spontaneously felt (active) or upon palpation becomes irritable under the spot or referred throughout the muscle.  Thes...


PTs are the BEST Movement Specialists!

In a city plum full of movement enthusiasts, be aware that not all trainers, personal trainers, strength coaches or physiotherapists are licensed to treat your aches, pains or movement dysfunctions.  Many times people only seek PTs if something "hurts", well guess what? What if something is "stiff", "loose" or you walk with a limp and are unsure can see your favorite PTs to help you move BETTER!

Please don’t fall victim to your “trainer” telling you to “just roll it out” if something is tight or painful.  Sometimes for short, temporary pains this is helpful.  But anything that persists, you should probably get it checked out as to WHY that is happening.

In a day and age where so much is accessible via the internet, many of these “trainers” just look up a technique on YouTube and implement it with their...


Physical therapists (PT) are experts at movement and helping to improve the quality of life and function of individuals with movement deficiencies due to many reasons.  In the state of Colorado, PTs are allowed direct access.  This means that a patient can go and be evaluated and treated by a PT without a referral from a medical doctor.  Consumers of physical therapy should be educated on who they are seeking treatment from.  If they have been referred to PT by a doctor, know that the consumer has the right to see any PT they choose.  The PT should be licensed in the state they are practicing in and will designate, “PT” behind their name.  Many other providers will claim they can provide rehab or physiotherapy but are not actual physical therapists and should not claim that they can provide physical therapy unless they are a licensed professional in that disc...

The Ankle Sprain….To Rehab or Not?

Oh the dreaded ankle sprain.  We’ve all been there.  Whether we stepped awkwardly, stepped in a hole, had our foot stepped on, it hurts!  The ankle swells, maybe turns black and blue and it hurts to walk.  How has society taught us to deal with ankle sprains?  Suck it up!  OR, if you see a doctor, they may put you in a walking boot for 4 weeks!  What!?!  Why? Two extremes of treatment here.  What other sprain in our body is treated with such disrespect?

The walking boot for an ankle sprain really baffles me.  I get it if you can not walk comfortably and the pain is too much. But for the normal healthy person, grab a pair of crutches instead.  If a fracture is in question, get diagnostic imaging done.  But, in our opinion, these walking boots for ankle sprains is probably the worst thing...


Here it is, DoVico Physical Therapy’s first blog post.  We may be a little behind the times but have been told by enough people that we should probably blog!  So, we will start from the beginning of our journey to create a boutique physical therapy clinic.  Now, you may ask “what the heck is a boutique physical therapy clinic?”  The names are many as to what to call us: cash-pay clinic, out-of-network clinic, unconventional PT.  We feel the name right now is Boutique Physical Therapy.  We are a physical therapist owned clinic servicing youth athletes and their families with orthopedic injuries.  You may think that this sounds like just another PT clinic, but if you have ever been to PT before, it is very different.

                  As a boutique, we have a menu of services, we provide one-on-one care from a physical therapist, we...

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