At DPT, we stress injury prevention before and after an injury.  Therefore, our services include the most innovative ways to prevent and recover from injury.  Currently every sport is requiring more hours of participation for practices and competition, we know we can not directly change that demand, BUT at DPT Sports we focus on what we can impact.  


Your Treatment May Include The Following: (every patient has an individualized plan)

  • Hands on Manual Therapy, which may include soft tissue mobilization/therapeutic massage, IASTM-Instrument Assisted Manual Therapy, Joint Mobilizations, Stretching

  • Dry Needling with and without electrical stimulation

  • Vacuum therapy with cups

  • Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill Gait Training, Sports Recovery

  • Therapeutic Taping

  • Electrical Stimulation

  • Therapeutic Exercises, from very isolated muscle groups to multiple muscle groups with functional sport-specific exercises, stretching, foam rolling, correctional exercises, Home Exercise Program, etc.

  • Video Gait or Activity Analysis

  • Vasopneumatic Compression with and without ice

  • Heat and Ice therapy

  • Custom foot orthotics

During every visit, you will be working ONE-ON-ONE with a licensed physical therapist, no one else!  This helps to ensure the physical therapist's plan of care is being carried out and modified as necessary without any additional confusion from others.  This situation also helps you heal as fast as possible to GET BACK IN THE GAME!  

Participate in our fitness side of things, stay in the game with our fitness services!

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