Ancillary Services:


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Tune Up Services

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Recovery Services

We offer recovery sessions to keep you in the game, each program is individualized and may include the following:


Electrical Stimulation for Recovery:

Game Ready, Cold plus Compression:


Normatec Vasopneumatic Compression:


Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill for Recovery Running:


Cupping (Vacuum therapy)

Dry Needling

Sports Taping

Manual Therapy

Foam Rolling 

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*Ask about our recovery rental program for sports events*

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Dry Needling & Vacuum therapy with cups

Dry needling can be used in conjuction with your therapy treatment or as a seperate service for tune-up treatments or sports recovery treatment, find out what is best for you!


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Long Term Rehab: Return to Sport

Are you looking for an all inclusive program to get you back to playing your sport after an ACL repair or other major surgery or injury?  

Will you need 3 or more months of physical therapy?

Will you need to work on your fitness during physical therapy and after you return to your sport?

Could you benefit from working with a sport psychologist during your rehab time?

If you answered YES to these questions, this program is for you!  Check out our brochure for more information and to 

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