October 2, 2017

September 12, 2016

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Boutique Physical Therapy

September 12, 2016

Here it is, DoVico Physical Therapy’s first blog post.  We may be a little behind the times but have been told by enough people that we should probably blog!  So, we will start from the beginning of our journey to create a boutique physical therapy clinic.  Now, you may ask “what the heck is a boutique physical therapy clinic?”  The names are many as to what to call us: cash-pay clinic, out-of-network clinic, unconventional PT.  We feel the name right now is Boutique Physical Therapy.  We are a physical therapist owned clinic servicing youth athletes and their families with orthopedic injuries.  You may think that this sounds like just another PT clinic, but if you have ever been to PT before, it is very different.

                  As a boutique, we have a menu of services, we provide one-on-one care from a physical therapist, we offer comfortable customer service at an affordable price. Yes, we still practice inside our scope of practice and abide by the CO state laws but we can do so without third party payers dictating our plan of care and treatments.  Yes, we practice methods that have been researched and are best practice or have been shown to create favorable results in given circumstances.  In our eyes, it’s physical therapy done right, or at least better than the current in-network insurance driven system. 

                  Now days many people have catastrophic health insurance, which means they have a very high deductible and possibly an HSA (health savings account) to help ease the burden of costly medical care.  Gone are the days of 20 plus physical therapy visits in a year, gone are the days of $15 co-pays and no bill to follow.  Gone are the days where your healthcare provider can tell you exactly what your care will cost you.  In turn, this creates an unfavorable system, one where the patient and the provider are at the mercy of their health insurance provider.  Recently, I have learned that Colorado is considered to be somewhere around the 3rd lowest reimbursed state from health insurances.  I am sure the health care providers have tried to offset that by passing on more of the cost to their patients, doubling or tripling the cost of services billed so they may be reimbursed more from the health insurance company.  You may have also seen clinics that pack in the patients and the patient is left with little care provided by their actual physical therapist.  In fact, there are PT clinics who pay their providers commission!  Yes, they see more patients in one day, they get paid more, they receive bonuses.  Healthcare providers may feel pressure to bill more or up code their services for greater reimbursement.  In our eyes, that is just not right and not the answer to our healthcare problem! I reflect on this and relate to this when hearing the news about Wells Fargo bank being fined for opening unauthorized accounts because bankers felt the pressure to meet aggressive sales goals.  Apparently, it is no different for healthcare.

                  We have seen this system from the eyes of a provider to the eyes of a patient and both sides are frustrating!  In turn, DoVico Physical Therapy wondered ‘what if’ we can have a clinic where this situation is not a factor?  ‘What if ‘we can focus on our patients and give them the quality care they deserve and that we know we can give?  ‘What if’ we catered to a population who is over-trained by their athletics but given zero help or direction as to how to cope with it? (topic for another blog!)  ‘What if’ we could provide for our family by doing what we love to do?  BINGO!  And DoVico Physical Therapy was born in the summer of 2014. 

                  If you are looking for physical therapy done right, please give us a chance to see if we can help you with your injury.  As a word of caution when looking for providers, please do your homework, get educated on your in-network/out of network healthcare costs, see what alternatives are out there, ask for consults to get more information, ask for referrals from family or friends.  Please, do not rely solely on the world of social media or internet findings. www.dptsports.com

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